Do you have a head lice infestation in your home? Do you want to know how to get rid of head lice fast, or what the best lice treatments are? How do you prevent head lice from ever infesting your home or hair again. WELCOME TO MY CHANNEL!! My name is SaLeah and as a professional lice removal expert, I am making it my mission to teach the world everything I know about head lice removal. On my channel we will be going over everything from how to pick nits to testing at home remedies for lice treatment. We will show you the best lice removal treatments available because we want you to have a lice free and happy day!! If you are ever in the area, come visit my Lice Clinics of America Clinic in Boise, Idaho!

Lice Removal Tips and Tricks

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Lice Facts and Information

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Head Lice Symptoms and Treatment
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How to Remove Lice Fast

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Debunking Myths and Home Remedies

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Removing LICE with MAYONNAISE!!?
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Removing Head Lice with Coca Cola (Coke)
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Lice Removal Product Reviews

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The Best Way to Remove Lice?
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Lice in the News

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How to Prevent Getting It!

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